Hartsell Distributing, LLC
Zip, bag, box & close it!
Cable ties & packaging

Hartsell Distributing, LLC
Zip, bag, box & close it!
Cable ties & packaging

About Us


What We Do

Our family business offers low pricing for smaller business as well as commercial clients.  We supply boxes,  eco-friendly carry out bags & biodegradable loose fill, hundreds of different plastic bags, cable ties, and a few useful and cool things we have come across, at pricing that saves you money and boosts your bottom line.

  • Cost effective
  • Local
  • Small Business not small service
  • No BS, we care about you like you are family

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Warehouse and Distribution

We order your packaging supplies, zip ties and bags on demand from the manufacturer and ship it straight to you.  

In the convenience of internet business, we all deal with shipping and we all hate it because it can be costly.  We promise to never mark up any shipping we pay for you or will happily use your preferred account.

  • FREE Parking in our lot. (across from the Ohio Theater)
  • Call ahead or order online for your Lima stocked order to be ready for pick up.
  • Set up a account and pay by check
  • Shipping can be billed to your shipper account or we will pay and add to your invoice.
  • Customer Focus
  • What Works For You
  • Office hours happily by appointment and product pick up


What To Expect With Us

Carrying on a 30 year tradition of integrity and commitment to our packaging and cable ties clients, we expanded to Hartsell Distributing in January 2018.  Some days we are out visiting clients and some days are office days, but every day is committed to exceptional service!

  • Reliable
  • Authentic
  • ALWAYS answers emails and returns messages within 24 hours.


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Contact Us

Office hours: Happily by appointment and for order pick up.

FREE PARKING across from the Ohio Theater.

Hartsell Distributing, LLC

115 W. North St. Lima, OH 45801

Dee McColloch Edmiston 567-289-2042


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