Plastic bags & films

Eco-Friendly Carry Out Bags



11.5 x 6.5 x 21  
.65 Mil Polyethylene HDPE Plastic (Degradation rates will vary with product design and environmental conditions.  Bags may not degrade in a landfill, and are reported to degrade in a biologically active environment in 12 to 60 months as tested in accordance with ASTM D6954.  Bags are 100% recyclable… please recycle.)  Can not ship to California.

$41.50 per case

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Pallet Covers


51" x 49" x 73" 2 Mil  Pallet Cover

Protect shipments from moisture and dirt with a cover.

$125.00 per roll

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Stretch Wrap


18"x70x1500 LF Stretch Wrap

It is all staying in place when you wrap it in stretch wrap.

Our clear 70 gauge is perfect for holding it together and seeing what is inside.

$63.35 per roll   4 rolls per case

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Zip and Layflat Bags


2x2 up to 12x15.  Do you need zipper close or open end? Do you need clear or the white write-on block. Is this a light duty or heavy duty use?  Wicketed for a stand? Need it on a roll?  Custom printed?  We have it all.

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