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Silicone Tape (ER Tape)


SEALS TO ITSELF SILICONE TAPE - when used on electrical connections it leaves no residue 

Cures in 24 Hrs. at room temperature 



Prevents wicking on Silco Sleeves 

Use to attach or join lengths of Silco Sleeves 

Use to repair damaged lengths of Silco Sleeves 

Temperature Range: -60° to 200°C Continuous -65° to 260°C Intermittent 

Bond Strength, Min.: 2 lbs 

Dielectric Strength, Min.: 400 v/mil 

Tape Width & Style:   

1"  (Triangle) x 36'  Roll  (w/blue guideline)      

Price:            1 - 2 Rolls     $15.57/RL       

                        3 - 11             $12.33/RL       

                        12 +               $11.07/RL       

Send 1" Silicone Tape

Silicone Tape (ER Tape)


1.5" Rectangle x 36' Roll

                    1 - 2 Rolls        $23.11/RL

                    3 - 11                $18.20/RL 

                    12 +                  $16.38/RL

Send 1 !/2" Siicone Tape

Packaging Tape

2" X 55' X 2.5MIL (T901)  $3.10/RL   24/CS   Weight/CS: 14#

3" X 110' X 2.5MIL (T905) $4.49/RL  24/CS   Weight/CS: 25#


2" Dispenser    $4.00/EA  

Smoothly dispenses and cuts Strapping Tape and Carton Sealing Tape.


Quick side loading dispensers.  Roll-on pistol grip dispenser.

  • Adjustable brake to control tension.
  • Smooth tape application.
  • Metal and plastic construction.

Marking Tapes

Caution or Danger Tape (2 mil 3"x1000')

​Reflective Tape  Danger and Caution  (3" x 1000')

PVC Isle Marking Tape  (2" x 36 Yds) 

Pennant Flags- Yellow or Red  12" x 18" x 105' String

Flagging Tape PVC - Standard Color (1 3/16" (30MM) x 300') 

Yellow, Red, White, Orange, Blue, Green Black

Flagging Tape PVC - Striped (1 3/16" (30 MM)  x 300') 

Base Film: Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green 

Stripe: Red, White, Black

Flagging Tape PVC -High Visibility (Glow) (1 3/16" (30 MM)  x 150') 

Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Pink, Lime Green

             **Marking Tapes must be purchased in cases**